All you need to get started with the method that works best for you.

Have you been quitting for almost as long as you’ve been smoking? 
We get it, and you are not alone.
Most smokers make multiple attempts before finding the right method that works for them. The key to quitting lies in finding the best approach for you so you will stick with it for as long as it takes to break the habit.
Quitting smoking doesn’t have to be a solo battle. To help you with your journey, we provide the support and tools you need to get started with the method that works best for you.
  • Simple application process
  • 100% online service
  • Connect with Australian specialised doctors in a few clicks
  • Nicotine Vaping Prescription available if eligible*
  • eScripts sms to your phone
  • 24-hour eScript application review
  • Ongoing support from the Quit Hero Team

Answer some brief questions about your health and smoking history in order to assess if a prescription is appropriate for you. One of our experienced doctors will then review your questionnaire within 24h and provide an eScript and treatment plan if elegible. 

If we’re unable to help, we’ll refund your fee in full.

Fast and easy application for Quit-Smoking eScripts

There are various smoking cessation aids registered in the ARTG, including many first-line NRTs and some prescription medicines, which the TGA has assessed for safety, quality and efficacy. Currently, no nicotine vaping products are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and registered in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). *Patients seeking access to nicotine vaping products in Australia via a prescription can discuss eligibility for this treatment option with the doctor during the medical assessment. For more information on nicotine vaping regulations, please click here.

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